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Maxygen Announces Revised Record Date for Final Liquidating Distribution

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NEWARK, Calif. -- (BUSINESS WIRE) -- Maxygen, Inc. announced today that it has revised the previously announced record date for its final liquidating distribution in the amount of $0.093 per share of common stock from August 29, 2013 to June 29, 2014. The effective date for payment of the distribution on June 30, 2014 remains unchanged. As previously announced, the company will make no further distributions beyond the final liquidating distribution. There is no requirement for stockholders to surrender shares in connection with the final liquidating distribution.

If you hold shares of Maxygen common stock in an account with a brokerage firm, bank or other nominee, you are encouraged to contact your broker, bank or other nominee if you have any questions regarding the revised record date and the payment of the distribution.

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