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LeadiD Adds Groundbreaking Fraud Detection to its Customer Acquisition Intelligence Platform

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PHILADELPHIA, July 14, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- LeadiD, the company bringing transparency and integrity to the customer acquisition intelligence process, today announced the launch of LeadiD Fraud Detection powered by Forensiq, a groundbreaking solution that helps eliminate fraud in all parts of the funnel including impressions, clicks and conversions. LeadiD Fraud Detection brings peace of mind to sales and marketing teams, who can rest assured that they are focusing on real potential customers and making business decisions based on accurate campaign performance data.

With LeadiD Fraud Detection, Lead Sellers can prove the value of their leads upfront to give their buyers peace-of-mind. Lead Buyers can use this same risk-level detection to screen and triage leads in real-time, increasing lead ROI and conversion rates.

"Fraudulent leads can wreak havoc on a company's marketing or sales process," said Ross Shanken, LeadiD CEO. "Not only do studies show these 'high-risk' leads, which contain inaccurate, skewed or falsified information, are as much as five times less likely to convert, they can paint an inaccurate picture of campaign performance. The rise of advanced technology is driving efficient practices like programmatic ad buying. At the same time, fraudsters are getting more advanced, making high-risk leads even more difficult to detect. LeadiD's goal is to bring a new level of customer intelligence and integrity to the customer acquisition process, and LeadiD Fraud Detection makes our platform even more powerful."

Two LeadiD Fraud Detection applications, both powered by Forensiq, are available today in the LeadiD AppMarketplace. LeadiD Fraud Detection (First-Party) for Lead Sellers and Lead Generators helps determine sources of fraudulent activity. LeadiD Fraud Detection (Third-Party) for buyers and aggregators helps determine each lead's fraud risk.

"We're pleased to be working with LeadiD on this important initiative. Getting fraudulent leads out of the lead pool will bring greater efficiency and efficacy to the industry," said David Sendroff, Founder and CEO of Forensiq.

For each lead, Forensiq leverages several methodologies to detect fraud, including device verification, anomaly detection, proxy unmasking, and a centralized Fraud Intelligence Database based on billions of user actions. This information then is analyzed for anomalies and suspect patterns to calculate a Risk Score and Risk Threshold Classification.

This new development comes on the heels of the closing of LeadiD's Series A Funding and the company's announcement of tripled platform usage and revenue over the course of 2013. LeadiD has already generated more than one billion unique LeadiDs for its 350 clients -- a list that includes major brands throughout the education, mortgage, insurance and automotive verticals.

About LeadiD
Founded in January 2011, LeadiD provides the only independent, neutral, open technology platform that enables the tracking of origin and history for every lead-generation event online. No supplier-proprietary data is exposed, but rather, LeadiD's technology empowers Lead Sellers and Lead Buyers to make real-time decisions based upon definitive origin and history flags that are predetermined by platform users. LeadiD fosters an environment of trust in the transaction, one where both Lead Sellers and Lead Buyers alike derive top-line value. With unmatched data, LeadiD is the industry standard for authenticating lead origin and history and the authentication platform of choice for firms of all sizes. LeadiD's presence at the source of a lead event has also positioned the company to add a TCPA solution to its product line that addresses recently updated TCPA regulations. For more information, visit

About Forensiq
Forensiq is a fast growing company that has developed and implemented a series of effective solutions to help fight online ad fraud from impressions to clicks to conversions. The firm combines the latest technology plus a dedicated staff of fraud fighters who are obsessed with helping clients stay steps ahead of the bad actors and achieve a better ROI. Forensiq is headquartered in New York City with offices in London and San Francisco. The company won the 2014 LeadsCouncil LEADER Award for Best-In-Class for Fraud Detection plus the 2013 Leads Council LEADER Award for Innovation. To learn more, visit