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CCG Catalyst Launches Virtual Compliance Management Division

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PHOENIX -- (BUSINESS WIRE) -- CCG Catalyst, a bank consulting firm providing strategic direction for banks, announced Virtual Compliance Management, a Hayward, Calif.-based consulting firm focused on providing flexible compliance solutions to the financial industry, as a new division within the company.

The new virtual compliance management division is an advisory retainer business through which CCG Catalyst consultants advise a bank or its compliance officers, or can serve as the bank’s virtual chief compliance or risk officer. This new business unit focuses on assisting with essentially any as-needed banking compliance service, including auditing bank policies and procedures, conducting training classes and implementing quality control reviews.

“Our new compliance division further adds to the company’s suite of customized banking solutions and expands our team of specialized experts tasked with boosting profitability and enhancing service levels for banks,” said Paul Schaus, president of CCG Catalyst. “It also adds a critical layer of specialized auditing services to ensure banks meet all state and federal regulations.”

About CCG Catalyst

Founded in 1998, Phoenix-based CCG Catalyst provides strategic direction and focused guidance for banks in the United States and North America. The company has assembled a team of industry and banking specialists to assist clients as a trusted advisory in strategic services related to all areas of banking – lending, finance, retail, operations, mergers & acquisition, technology, enterprise risk management, compliance, marketing and business development. For more information, visit the company's Web site at

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