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Long-time Insurance Publisher Launches Website to Offer "Insider" Look at Insurance

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ASHLAND, Ore., July 16, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- A recent study by an insurance industry trade organization found that a big reason people don't understand insurance is that insurance people don't use "authentic language" in their communications.

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"These study results probably come as no surprise to anyone," says James Whitaker, publisher, Smart's Publishing. "But that's only half of the problem. Many people in the media who write or talk about insurance don't have a very deep understanding of what they're talking about. These are the reasons we created"

Since the 1950s, when Smart's Publishing started reporting on the California insurance industry in its Smart's "Confidential" newsletter, it has focused exclusively on providing content about and for the insurance industry. In addition to its industry newsletters, it has provided insurance marketing content to hundreds of insurance agents throughout the U.S. for more than 25 years. " uses these resources and its expertise and 'insider' information to directly help consumers and businesses understand and make better choices about insurance," said Whitaker.

Robynne Whitaker, content creator and editor in chief of The Insurance 411, has reported on property-casualty and life and health insurance for both consumers and businesses for more than two decades. She says that while's content will be broad in scope, "Everything we write about will be accessible, in jargon-free language. We'll take out the sales pitch and help people understand whether they really need a coverage or not by making an objective assessment of the pertinent information."

"For instance, as an individual, do you need critical illness insurance, long-term care or mortgage life insurance?" she asks. "Is pet insurance worth the money? What about dental insurance? What's umbrella coverage? And then there's the Affordable Care does that affect your health plan?

"As a business, do you need employment practices liability? Do closely held corporations need directors and officers liability insurance? What about environmental coverage? Is terrorism covered in your business owners policy? There are so many types of insurance available today, both personal and business," says Whitaker. "It's hard to know exactly what they cover and more importantly, what they don't. And which you really need and which may not be that necessary." launched on July 15, 2014, with dozens of insurance articles covering insurance products for both consumers and businesses. Individuals will find topics such as individual health, personal auto, homeowners and life insurance; while businesses will find articles on property and liability insurance, employee benefits and workers' compensation.

The mission of is to be a resource for consumers and small businesses looking for easy-to-understand, unbiased, accurate and authoritative information about insurance and ways to handle risk. does not sell insurance products, nor is it affiliated with any insurance providers.

For more information about, contact James Whitaker, publisher, at 541-482-5189 ext. 2 or Email.

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