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Grow Financial Brings Augmented Reality to Tampa Bay

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TAMPA, Fla. -- (BUSINESS WIRE) -- Grow Financial, one of the leading Credit Unions in the nation, recently relocated Tampa’s first virtual money machine to Westfield Citrus Park in Tampa. The virtual money machine features a unique and interactive technology designed by Inwindow Outdoor, based out of New York City. Previously, the virtual money machine was located at the Credit Union’s Downtown Tampa store for the past year and a half and was widely successful.

Virtual Money Machine at Westfield Citrus Park (Photo: Business Wire)

Virtual Money Machine at Westfield Citrus Park (Photo: Business Wire)

“Grow Financial wanted to incorporate technology in a way that would be both exciting and engaging, which is not something you typically encounter with financial services companies, “said Steve Birnhak, CEO of Inwindow Outdoor. “The virtual money machine is a terrific example of a company reaching its audience in an entertaining way that can result in new customers before they walk in the door. Also, by placing this large-scale kiosk/ATM in a mall, it not only serves a functional purpose, but also acts as a great marketing platform,” said Birnhak.

Grow Financial’s virtual money machine is an augmented reality, motion reactive video mirror that utilizes a six screen HD video wall. The interaction also uses a touch sensitive glass to select the offer and for email submission. Members and non-members are welcome to play the virtual money machine, and have a chance to win $25 toward a checking account, $100 toward an auto loan or $300 toward a mortgage loan.

“This is a great opportunity for Grow Financial to utilize digital technology in a virtual world. We look forward to creating new experiences at Westfield Citrus Park and capturing the attention of the guests”, said Brian Holloway, Assistant Vice President of Marketing at Grow Financial.

In addition to partnering with Inwindow Outdoor to make this augmented dream become a reality, the Credit Union also sought out the help of local contractor, Turbo Construction and AVI-SPL, the world’s leading video communications partner. AVI-SPL relocated the display system from the Downtown Tampa store and designed a free-stranding mounting system in order to have it function at Westfield Citrus Park while keeping the enclosure hidden.

Bradley Harp, Account manager at AVI-SPL said, “We worked with Grow, Westfield Citrus Park and many contractors to develop a finished system. All of the parties involved worked hard to create what I feel is a fantastic final product.”

Recently a team of Grow Financial employees visited last month to give guests that were playing the money machine a $25 gift card to a local restaurant located inside. The first ten guests that stopped by and played the game not only received more money from the game, but also the surprise more moment. The Credit Union coined these “more moments” in early January with the release of their new World of More marketing campaign. Guests are encouraged to visit to tell Grow Financial what they want more of. This could be anything…from more caffeine, more relaxation or more family time. Whatever the more moment is, the Credit Union makes these moments happen on a weekly basis.

Click here to see a video of the virtual money machine in action at Westfield Citrus Park.

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