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LiensNC Website Honored with Prestigious Award

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RALEIGH, N.C. -- (BUSINESS WIRE) -- The North Carolina Lien Agent System (LiensNC),, was recently honored with an Outstanding Achievement Award by the Interactive Media Council, Inc. LiensNC was specifically recognized for excellence in Real Estate websites. The honor is presented to entries that excel in design, usability, content, standards compliance and innovation in technical features.

“With all the work so many people have contributed to this project, I’m not surprised LiensNC received this recognition,” said Executive Board President of LiensNC, LLC Steve Brown during a recent meeting. Brown is also Vice President and Title Attorney with Investors Title Insurance Company. “We’re beginning to paint a clearer picture of the tremendous value this ground-breaking technology brings to North Carolina and to the industries affected by potential mechanics’ and materialmen’s claims.”

Established by changes to the lien law in North Carolina by the NC General Assembly in 2012, the LiensNC website is a collaborative effort of the major title insurance underwriters in the state, created specifically to facilitate the filing of appointments and notices to the North Carolina mechanics’ lien agents. The legislation was enacted to address the so-called 'hidden lien' problem associated with construction projects. Existing mechanics' lien law had no mechanism for potential lien claimants to make known their participation in a project. Consequently, purchasers, lenders and closing attorneys would be unable to determine who had worked on a construction project and were entitled to be paid – often until long after closing. LiensNC allows potential lien claimants to give notice they are working on a project, thus giving closing attorneys, lenders and purchasers the ability to address those known potential lien claimants at closing.

“NIC is honored to accept this prestigious award,” said LiensNC Director of Operations Kim Tanner. “Since launching the North Carolina Lien Agent system, we’ve received priceless feedback from users with varied technical experience, which has improved our ability to provide a transparent platform for our various consumers. Listening to our users’ needs, we are committed to providing new technologies that reduce costs and improve consumer services.”

About LiensNC, LLC

LiensNC, LLC is a joint venture of the nine title insurance underwriters who provide most of the title insurance coverage in North Carolina. The mission statement of the LLC: “Working to protect mechanics’ lien rights and provide transparency of information related to real property law through quality and professional services.”

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