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New York Tech Startup Leading Fight Against Obesity and Chronic Disease

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SYRACUSE, N.Y., July 24, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- Today, 3Pound Health(TM) announced the full commercial release of Euco(TM), a patient-engagement platform designed to expand the reach and impact of clinician-managed health and wellness programs.

Euco is a disruptive innovation that recognizes the reality of today's behavior-driven healthcare challenges manifested most recognizably in obesity and chronic disease. 3Pound Health also appreciates the crucial role of clinicians in addressing theses challenges, and the gap in tools and infrastructure that impede efficiency, scalability and the preservation of long-term outcomes.

The platform is comprised of a clinician-focused Web application, Euco Insight(TM), which securely connects to a corresponding mobile application for patients, the Euco Personal Health Manager. The solution reaches beyond traditional patient engagement and provides a simple way to put clinicians' advice in patients' hands every day, giving insight into adherence.

The Euco Personal Health Manager offers:

    --  A comprehensive picture of health progress and engagement incorporating
        nutrition, activity, medications, measurements and labs
    --  Clinician-driven guidance in the form of simple, personalized plans for
        each category
    --  A secure connection designed to share information and enable timely
        intervention between scheduled appointments

The Euco Insight(TM) Coaching Dashboard provides:

    --  A simple, manageable way to generate personalized plans for each
    --  A clear summary of patient engagement and progress against plans
        designed to enhance face-to-face interactions, enabling timely
        intervention between scheduled appointments
    --  A secure, controlled connection to select members of the care team

Through Euco, 3Pound Health is responsibly introducing innovative concepts and tools from the consumer health and wellness segment to physician-directed wellness.

Euco's initial focus is on growing and extending program reach to preserve outcomes in the Medical Weight Loss and Bariatric Surgery segments. 3Pound Health intends to rapidly expand the use of Euco to broader population health applications.

"Clinician-patient interaction is such a critical part of achieving a weight-loss goal," said Dr. Wendy Scinta, chief medical officer and advisory board member for 3Pound Health and board-certified bariatric (weight-loss) physician in private practice. "Typical weight-loss apps leave it all up to the individual to track calorie intake and exercise habits. With Euco, I can easily monitor my patients' behavior and coach them when necessary. And not only can I focus better on individual patients with the help of Euco, I can also see more patients in my office and aggregate data from patients across my entire practice."

"The vast majority of investment in health technology in the past 20 years has been in capturing the documentation of treatment," says Brian Buys, president and CEO of 3Pound Health. "Recent advances in capability and affordability of mobile technology have given us the opportunity to re-examine our approach to population health and redefine patient engagement with tools that not only fit into practice/program careflows, but more importantly, seamlessly into patients' lives."

"With solutions like Euco, we have a real opportunity to take cost out of health care. We can expand the reach and impact of proven health programs, and continuously improve our approach with a unique blend of behavioral and outcome data. As many experts have noted, it's time to invest in health. You might say its time to begin thinking well ahead."

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About 3Pound Health
Founded in 2012, 3Pound Health is committed to empowering individuals and engaging communities in the shared pursuit of better health. We're proud to say that the Euco platform is making simple, actionable clinician guidance available to patients every day, enriching patient-clinician interaction and extending the reach and impact of clinician-managed health programs. For more information, visit

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