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Knovio iPad App Upgraded; New Video Presentation Features in Free Update

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LINCOLN, Mass., July 28, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- KnowledgeVision has released its most capable video presentation app ever, making it even easier to create and share multimedia online presentations from an Apple iPad tablet. Knovio Mobile version 1.3 brings more than a dozen new features to the popular free presentation app.

Knovio is the easiest way to create rich multimedia experiences that combine Microsoft PowerPoint presentation slides with synchronized video or audio narration in minutes. The app is used by business professionals, entrepreneurs, trainers, teachers, students, and others around the world to explain concepts, pitch ideas, sell products, teach procedures, and advocate causes.

"At any given moment, hundreds of people are watching presentations created with Knovio and other KnowledgeVision presentation products," said CEO and Founder Michael Kolowich, "and we're seeing viewers in every time zone around the globe. We're starting to see how online presentations have the potential of being as ubiquitous as face-to-face presentations in business."

More than 40,000 authors have downloaded and/or registered for Knovio Mobile and its desktop companion, Knovio Web. Knovio Mobile was first released in April, 2014. "The variety of uses people are finding for Knovio is taking our breath away," Kolowich said. "Because we've removed all the complexity of narrating a presentation and putting it online, our early users are pioneering all kinds of new applications."

Among the new Knovio capabilities recently introduced by KnowledgeVision:

    --  Integration with popular cloud apps: Knovio can now import any
        presentation from Dropbox, Google Drive, Box, and many other iPad apps.
    --  Hybrid presentations: Knovio videos can now alternate between video and
        audio-only narration, and can use both the front and rear iPad camera in
        the same presentation.
    --  Editing and updating: Already-published Knovios can be updated with new
        narration even after they're published.
    --  Customization: Knovio videos can be customized for different target
        audiences by duplicating them, and re-recording a custom narration for
        any slide or section of the presentation.
    --  Collaboration: Two or more people can collaborate to create a single
        Knovio, narrating different sections at different times.
    --  Practice: Practice slides get you started with Knovio quickly, even
        before you make an original Knovio of your own.

"We're releasing new functionality for Knovio every few weeks," said KnowledgeVision's Kolowich. "In August, we'll be revealing even more features that unleash Knovio's power for larger enterprises."

Knovio 1.3 is available as a free download in the Apple iTunes App Store. Registered users of Knovio are automatically given a KnowledgeVision Personal Edition account, which grants them access to both the mobile and desktop versions of Knovio.

To download the Knovio Mobile app or sign up for Knovio Web, visit

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KnowledgeVision Systems, Inc., is reinventing the business presentation for an online, on-demand, video-enabled, mobile, anytime/anywhere world. A venture-capital backed company based near Boston, KnowledgeVision offers a Software-as-a-Service solution that makes it easy to create, share, and track online presentations.

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