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Easy as Pie: Cartwheel Register Simplifies Payments, Store Management for Society Bakery

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DALLAS -- (BUSINESS WIRE) -- For busy bakers like Society Bakery, satisfying customers with delicious treats is their primary focus. So Dallas-based Tantrum Street has taken care of the rest. They’ve cooked up a free app called Cartwheel Register that simplifies store operations while making the customer experience more intimate.

“Cartwheel Register creates a retail environment that is so modern, so convenient, so profit-generating, and ultimately, so in line with our main goal—making the customer experience excellent from start to finish,” said Roshi Muns, Society Bakery owner.

The mobile checkout app lets independent retailers use the smartphone or tablet they already own to fully and securely run their businesses, complete transactions, access reports and more. No extra hardware, not even a mobile credit card swiper, is required. It also offers an industry-first single rate for all transactions—a flat 2.6 percent plus $0.24.

For Dallas-based Society Bakery, the app’s combination of simplicity and intimacy helps separate the store from its competition. Muns has been using Cartwheel Register for six months and says it has improved her ordering, checkout and reporting functions.

“Our iPads, running Cartwheel Register, look a lot sleeker on the counter than traditional cash registers. And they’re a lot less clunky,” said Muns. “The system is also very mobile. We can take our iPads to different parts of the store and bring customers directly into the cake design experience, while taking orders and accepting payments.”

Muns says Cartwheel Register also offers “fascinating and life-changing features” with its back-end system, which includes numerous reports to help her better understand her business.

“In my 10 years of owning Society Bakery, I’ve never had this level of reporting,” she said. “There is a lot of potential here for business owners. You can look at a wide variety of reports, like costs, sales information, item management and more—and each report is always available both right on my phone and emailed to me daily.”

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