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Discover, Share, and Travel with New Roundabout(TM) App

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KANSAS CITY, Mo., July 29, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- Discovering information about historical sites, local folklore, monuments--and even "oddities"--just got easier and more enjoyable for travelers and urban explorers with the new Roundabout App.

The free app takes the tradition of oral history to the next level and creates an environment to share stories of people and places that might otherwise go unnoticed or forgotten. Key features of Roundabout include:

    --  Easy to discover and share content
    --  GPS interface
    --  Highly customizable
    --  A comprehensive list of categories, including:
        --  Attractions
        --  Arts and Culture
        --  Entertainment
        --  Food and Drink
        --  Lodging
        --  Parks
        --  Folklore, Myths and Urban Legends
        --  Historical Sties
        --  Landmarks
        --  Local History
        --  Monuments
        --  Local Oddities

"From long road trips to walking excursions through your hometown, Roundabout creates an entirely unique way for people to discover and engage with the stories that have entertained and educated us for generations," said Sean Kelly, marketing strategist for Roundabout. "It makes travel and exploration more enjoyable and discoveries more memorable."

He added, "We are all surrounded by incredible stories and fascinating tales about captivating people and places. Most often, those stories and tales are passed from generation to generation as oral history. Roundabout creates an environment to share those histories so others can discover and enjoy them."

Other features of Roundabout include:

    --  Distance to and from points of interest update automatically
    --  Option to create a personalized travel guide
    --  Ability to post photos and video, rate and review, and share on
        Roundabout's social platforms:
        --  Twitter:
        --  Instagram: RoundaboutApp
        --  Facebook:

Roundabout is a registered trademark of C of Apps. The app was developed by Kansas City-based iOS specialists Rade l Eccles.


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Mentzer PR Group (for Roundabout)

Sean Kelly

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