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Ifbyphone’s Summer 2014 Release Provides Advanced Call Analytics and Automation Before, During, and After Every Phone Lead

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CHICAGO -- (BUSINESS WIRE) -- Ifbyphone, the leader in voice-based marketing automation, today announced the availability of its Summer 2014 Release, which includes game-changing new keyword spotting analytics technology and integrations with leading marketing software to provide corporations and agencies with needed intelligence and automation before, during, and after every inbound phone lead. The new features are part of Ifbyphone’s leading voice-based marketing automation platform, which tracks, scores, routes, manages, analyzes and optimizes voice interactions and phone leads the same way online-focused marketing automation tools do for website and email interactions.

“Inbound phone calls are the most effective, and least understood, channel enterprises have for acquiring new business and maintaining customer loyalty,” said Irv Shapiro, CEO of Ifbyphone. “With the new enhancements in our Summer 2014 Release, Ifbyphone’s voice-based marketing automation platform is the only solution that provides complete 360-degree analysis and management of every inbound phone lead to help marketers optimize lead generation and fuel revenue growth.”

Smartphones have changed the way consumers find and engage with businesses. It is now routine for prospects to respond to digital search inquiries and offline advertising by calling businesses directly throughout the decision-making process. Ifbyphone’s solution provides marketers with detailed analytics and insight from data captured before, during, and after every inbound call, as well as a full suite of call scoring, routing, and management tools to improve conversion rates from phone leads. Ifbyphone’s analytics data also integrates with the other applications corporations and agencies rely on – including marketing automation, CRM, bid management and website optimization and analytics software – optimizing their value by enabling them to track phone leads and call activity as well as web leads and online interactions.

“Inbound calls are a highly valued lead type within many high-value verticals," said Michael Boland, Chief Analyst and VP at BIA/Kelsey. "The smartphone age has fused high-intent mobile search with the phone, resulting in favorable conversion metrics for enterprises and agencies that adopt call monetization platforms. The name of the game is achieving the same lead attribution, analytics, and automation for calls that we've seen over the last decade for clicks."

Thousands of corporations and agencies use Ifbyphone to measure, automate and optimize sales and support calls, and the Summer 2014 Release provides them with highly sought-after new technologies and integrations that bring new levels of intelligence and automation to every stage of their voice interactions with customers and prospects:

Before the Call

  • New clickstream analytics provide marketers with invaluable intelligence on how their website attracts and converts callers, including reports identifying the pages that generate the most call conversions and the most popular entry pages for sessions that result in calls.
  • New email alerts notify Ifbyphone customers of potential issues with call volumes and caller hold times so they can take action proactively to prevent problems.

During the Call

  • Revolutionary new keyword spotting technology monitors inbound sales and support calls and uses customizable criteria to score each conversation. Keyword spotting can be used to determine the overall quality of a phone lead, if a call converted to an opportunity or sale and if the sales or support agent followed approved scripts.
  • Queue callbacks enable callers waiting on hold to request a callback and exit the queue without losing their place in line. The system will automatically trigger a call to the requester from the next available agent.

After the Call

  • New integration with inbound marketing and sales platform HubSpot includes Ifbyphone’s call conversion tracking data in HubSpot reports, so marketers can prove and improve how campaigns are generating both online conversions and phone leads.
  • New integrations with leading PPC bid management platforms Kenshoo, Marin Software and Acquisio provide marketers and SEM agencies with highly sought-after data on call conversions needed to optimize ad campaign performance and keyword bidding across search engines.
  • New integration with website optimization platform Optimizely enables marketers to find the web page variations and PPC landing page versions that drive the most phone leads and sales.

For more information about Ifbyphone’s Summer 2014 Release or to request a demo, visit Existing Ifbyphone customers can also register to attend a webinar on August 6, 2014 to learn more about the new features.

About Ifbyphone

Ifbyphone provides the leading voice-based marketing automation (VBMA) platform that businesses and marketing agencies rely on to connect, measure and optimize sales calls. Built specifically for marketing and sales, Ifbyphone’s cloud-based solution helps companies of all sizes optimize marketing spend across all channels, generate and convert more high-quality leads and acquire more business over the phone.

Known for its unmatched ease-of-use and reliability, Ifbyphone’s VBMA platform has successfully processed over 250 million calls for over 650 million minutes. Organizations in all industries use Ifbyphone, including marketing agencies, lead generation, e-commerce, direct response, financial services and insurance, health care, retail and logistics and SaaS and technology. For more information, visit

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