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BloomReach Connects Online Experiences Across All Channels and Devices With The First Personalized Discovery Platform

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MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif., Aug. 6, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- BloomReach, the leading platform powering digital content discovery, today announced its Personalized Discovery Platform, the only platform that understands products and people, uses web-wide data for smarter recommendations and learns from every consumer interaction for one-to-one personalization across channels and devices.

Consumers' high expectations for personalized online experiences have grown beyond what most online businesses can provide, because most companies respond by integrating multiple rules-based applications that analyze data in silos, don't communicate with each other and only market to consumer segments.

The BloomReach Personalized Discovery Platform uncovers opportunities for marketers and merchants and shares learning automatically across all BloomReach applications by breaking down three distinct data silos:

    1. Marketing channel - shares data and insights from channels like organic
       search, paid search and social
    2. Site - shares data both collectively and individually as consumers move
       and interact with mobile sites, websites and/or apps.
    3. Device - sharing data and insights as consumers move from desktop to
       smartphone to tablet

While most online experiences degrade over time, the BloomReach Platform continually optimizes in real-time, improving and iterating with every interaction, business input and web-wide signal. Unlike other marketing technologies that market to consumer personas and rely on demographic and historical data, the Personalized Discovery Platform cognitively predicts the most relevant content for each consumer anonymously, even those who do not log-in. In addition, it gives real-time access to product and page data, allowing marketing and merchandising professionals to act on insights and teach the machine.

"The Personalized Discovery Platform is going to change the way consumers discover products and content. Through every interaction, personalized discovery ensures that every consumer sees the content that is most important to them," said Raj De Datta, co-founder and CEO of BloomReach. "And for marketers and merchants, our platform comes with tools and insights that cross silos and are fully actionable."

Powered by the Web Relevance Engine, BloomReach's Personalized Discovery Platform uses machine-learning and natural-language processing to understand content and algorithmically match it with what consumers are seeking across the web. BloomReach provides the most effective technology that uses search data, the most intimate indicator of consumer intent at a specific moment in time, to personalize discovery.

The Personalized Discovery Platform includes three differentiating technology features:

    1. Sharing Data, Insights and Actions Across All Big Data Applications:The
       Personalized Discovery Platform allows all of BloomReach's self-learning
       applications to intelligently communicate with each other, sharing data
       and optimizing continuously. This allows for a truly personalized
       experience regardless from where a consumer visits.

    2. Unified integration:Using a single, unified pixel, the BloomReach
       Platform provides a common infrastructure for all BloomReach
       applications. This allows companies to significantly improve integration
       efficiency and reduce risks associated with having multiple third-party
       technologies affecting site performance.

    3. Single sign-on:The BloomReach Platform delivers a single interface for
       multiple marketing and merchandising professionals to access all of the
       big data applications, optimize and report on consumer experiences and
       learn from interactions outside their areas.

The Personalized Discovery Platform comes with any of BloomReach's current or future products, and drives a cumulative effect on revenue and engagement metrics with each added product. By combining cognitive computing with expert input, the Platform helps marketers and merchants execute entire cross-channel marketing campaigns in minutes. For example, an online retailer can identify demand expressed across the web for its products using BloomReach Organic Search, and then analyze performance data and site behavior to adapt and personalize experiences on desktop and mobile devices using BloomReach SNAP. The net effect also provides marketers and merchants with significant product, page and site-wide data to edit, create and manage content using BloomReach Pages or tools included in BloomReach SNAP.

"As global e-commerce continues to grow at an astounding pace, now is the opportunity for online marketing and e-commerce executives to show why they deserve a seat in the boardroom. But, they can't do that if they are out there constantly fixing problems. We built the BloomReach platform so that its algorithms are constantly tuning the content while giving marketers and merchants our data-driven, decision-making tools to gain the competitive edge and drive more revenue," said De Datta. "Personalized discovery is ultimately a data problem because a retailer with thousands of products attempting to reach hundreds of millions of consumers - where every product can be described in hundreds of ways - cannot process data at that scale. That is the core problem that BloomReach is solving."

All current BloomReach customers automatically have the Personalized Discovery Platform to cross-inform every BloomReach application.

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About BloomReach

The BloomReach Platform makes your content and products more discoverable with applications for organic search, site search and digital marketing and merchandising. BloomReach's core technology - the Web Relevance Engine - uses natural-language processing and machine-learning to algorithmically understand content and visitors, matching it with demand and intent data from across the web.

Created in 2009, BloomReach is headquartered in Mountain View, Calif. with offices worldwide and is backed by investment firms Bain Capital Ventures, NEA and Lightspeed Ventures. BloomReach's portfolio of customers includes Neiman Marcus, Sears Outlet, Kohl's, Staples, and Williams-Sonoma. Learn

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