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NetFortris® Makes Dodd-Frank Compliance Easy with Automatic Call Recording and Analytics

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SAN FRANCISCO, Aug. 6, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- NetFortris®, Inc., the emerging leader in cloud-based voice and data networking, today announced NetFortris Mobile Call Recording and Analytics, an automatic, always-on call recording system that spans both mobile and office phones. The NetFortris Mobile Call Recording and Analytics solution is the only solution for Dodd-Frank compliance that does not require an app on the phone, and cannot be disabled by the user. NetFortris provides financial firms with robust support for their mission-critical, highly-regulated communications needs whether calls originate from or include participants on mobile phones.

"The Dodd-Frank regulation requires financial institutions to have the ability to record and analyze all phone calls related to financial transactions to protect both institutions and consumers," said Karen Salazar, Vice President of Marketing for NetFortris. "The addition of Mobile Call Recording and Analytics gives financial institutions a cost effective solution for meeting regulatory needs without the headache of managing a mobile application or building expensive infrastructure. Because the solution is available as a service, it can be easily customized for any type or size of enterprise, and can include a variety of services that meet specific customer needs."

Mobile call recording and analytics services from NetFortris meets regulatory and customer service needs.

Regulatory compliance - The solution ensures compliance with external regulations such as Dodd-Frank and internal policies. Automatic call recording and analytics are integrated into the cellular network, and are always on, and make it easy to search for and identify key words and/or phrases in all recorded conversations. Records of all customer interactions, whether they originate from a mobile phone or include participants who are on a mobile phone can be archived, searched and analyzed instantly using the system.

Call Retention - Automated archiving stores call recordings for a pre-defined retention period and completely deletes them upon the expiration date.

Dispute management - Advanced search, retrieval and call replay functionality helps resolve customer disputes quickly and cost-effectively.

Integrated with NetFortris Cloud Communications Platform- Call recording and analytics is fully integrated with and managed by NetFortris. The NetFortris Cloud Communications Platform is a cloud-based communications infrastructure that integrates with and leverages the capabilities of our private voice and data network and applications and cloud PBX. The result is a smart, simplified, unified communications solution.

Call Recording and Analytics - A Complete Suite of Services

NetFortris offers a suite of three call recording and analytics services, each designed to meet the specific needs of any size of company.

NetFortris Enterprise Call Recording and Analytics Plus Mobile is based on the Enterprise solution, but adds the ability for mobile phones associated with the PBX to make or receive calls with always-on recording. Calls can then be archived and analyzed as needed according to business policy or regulatory requirements.

NetFortris Enterprise Call Recording and Analytics is integrated with the NetFortris Cloud PBX and offers on-demand call recording for VoIP phones. Calls can be retrieved at any time and individual or groups of calls can be analyzed to find specific patterns in conversations, keywords and/or phrases.

The NetFortris Mobile Only Call Recording and Analytics is designed for small and medium size businesses that require mobile call recording and analytics for any reason, such as independent traders or financial planners.

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