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Terry, A Patient Success Story: From Wheelchair to Walking

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SAN FRANCISCO -- (BUSINESS WIRE) -- Cynthia Gibson-Horn, PT, Vice President and Chief Technology Officer of Motion Therapeutics, Inc. and creator of BalanceWear, has witnessed the success of her product on hundreds of occasions over the past several years since it was introduced into the marketplace. However, she was unprepared for what BalanceWear made possible for Terry, a woman who joined the BalanceWear Facebook page last year and began posting photos of her progress with her BalanceWear vest.

Terry posted a video of a street hockey game, recalled Gibson-Horn, which prompted Cindy to ask if someone in Terry’s family was in the photo. Terry’s response was, “I’m the goalie!” So a surprised Cindy began to communicate with Terry and follow her progress and rehabilitation for cerebellar degeneration. The cerebellum is the area of the brain that controls muscle coordination and balance. The disease had left Terry unable to leave her wheelchair. “Terry was tenacious,” said Gibson-Horn. “She did not want to have a compromised life.”


“We are seeing more and more of these remarkable personal success stories from our patients," says Steve Cookston, CEO of Motion Therapeutics, the company that distributes BalanceWear.

Terry’s experience with BalanceWear began last year when she was discharged from physical therapy because she was not making progress. Her doctor told her she would remain in the wheelchair for life. Gibson-Horn understands the frustration many rehabilitation clinicians encounter with patients with ataxia and degenerative diseases; basically before BalanceWear, there were not many options.

“We are taught that patients need thousands of repetitions to make an improvement in motor control. That is hard to do with the typical treatments. We need to think outside the box. How can we provide maximum therapeutic benefit in the clinic and in everyday living? With BalanceWear, the garment enables improved balance while wearing it throughout the day.”

Terry learned about BalanceWear online and traveled to Philadelphia to see Andy Lesher, MSPT and was fitted with BalanceWear. Her first fitting and application of the Balance-Based Torso-Weighting which enables the technology provided Terry with the ability to immediately sit and stand without support for the first time in a long time.

She returned to Florida with BalanceWear and began walking with some assistance from her partner. After a few months, Terry was walking with two hiking poles, a helmet and BalanceWear everyday around the neighborhood. In addition to further physical therapy and BalanceWear, Terry related she did the following activities thanks to BalanceWear: “tong ren, tai chi, chi gong, acupuncture, reiki, and aqua therapy.”


By September 2013, three months later, Terry was able to walk alone with two hiking poles. In November, five months into her therapy with BalanceWear, she started walking without any hiking poles but still wearing her BalanceWear. She continued to walk for 500 miles over the next 4 months. The video attached to this story documents six months of her remarkable progress. At less than a year, Terry travelled to the Grand Canyon and hiked in the Foothills of Sedona, Arizona, a world away from the confines of her wheelchair.

For more information on BalanceWear, visit Motion Therapeutics is a provider of therapeutic products designed to improve balance, stability and mobility in many disease states utilizing patented Balance-Based Torso-Weighting® (BBTW®) technology provided in the patented BalanceWear® Series mobility products. The company’s products are designed to accelerate the recovery and rehabilitation of adults and children with balance challenges and improve the mobility, confidence and independence of individuals. Visit to learn more.

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