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Advice for the Grind Recommends Career PreGame App to Help Students Get Ahead of Loan Debt

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MONTCLAIR, N.J., Aug. 12, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- It's back-to-school time and many parents and college students are signing up for thousands of dollars of student loans to pay for this year's tuition. According to Shelly Lombard of Advice for the Grind, one of the best defenses against student loan debt is a good offense.

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"Discover Student Loans recently did a survey that found that 85 percent of parents are worried that student loans will affect their children's financial future," says Lombard. "A good offense includes making sure your child is employed or employable when they graduate. If your child doesn't have a job or is underemployed in a low paying job that doesn't even require a college degree, they may not be able to handle their student loan payments. That's one reason student loan default rates are rising."

Advice for the Grind produces a mobile content app called Career PreGame that gives college students a four-year plan to help them land a job when they graduate. "The app helps students set goals each year and shows them how to use internships, clubs, activities, academics and their college's career center to make sure they have a resume that will get an employer's attention," Lombard emphasizes. "Most importantly, the Career PreGame app sends them push reminders about when to do things like apply for summer internships or go to career fairs, so parents don't have to nag them."

Lombard says, "To buy the app, which costs $3.99, go to or search the app store for Career PreGame. The app is available for the iPhone, iPad, and Android devices. If your college student has an iPhone or iPad, you can buy the app and send it to them as a gift."

Lombard is a Wall Street veteran who has trained and mentored entry-level hires at major investment banks. She says, "Parents are spending and sometimes borrowing thousands of dollars for college tuition. I started Advice for the Grind to help parents make sure they don't spend all of that money only to have their college graduate living in their basement." Career PreGame is one of three apps that offers to help college students and recent graduates succeed in the workplace.

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