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Jack Henry & Associates Takes SAVO's Mobile Application to the Bank

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CHICAGO, Aug. 13, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- SAVO Group, the market leader in sales productivity solutions, announced that Jack Henry & Associates, Inc.® is using Mobile Sales Pro to facilitate greater efficiency, effectiveness and engagement across its sales team. A leading provider of computer systems and electronic payment solutions for the financial industry, the company is using the mobile application - integrated with SAVO's Sales Content Pro - to help push recommended content to sellers in the field and give them access to the right materials and subject matter experts at the right time.

Jack Henry & Associates' technology solutions serve more than 11,300 customers nationwide, and are marketed and supported through the company's three primary brands: Jack Henry Banking®, Symitar® and ProfitStars®. The company provides implementation and best practice consulting services for financial institutions that need expert assistance with refining business processes and establishing automated workflows.

In 2013, Jack Henry & Associates realized their field sales reps needed greater access to marketing and sales materials, opportunity-specific information and on-the-go presentation abilities. Having already successfully used Sales Content Pro for the past three years, the company confidently turned to Mobile Sales Pro for its strength in live whiteboarding and annotating, as well as the ability to send copies of personalized presentations to prospects immediately following a meeting. By using SAVO's applications in tandem, Jack Henry & Associates' sales reps now have access to the tools and resources they need to be most effective in the field, have meaningful interactions with prospects and customers, and close more deals.

The feature that has made the greatest impact for Jack Henry & Associates is the recommended asset kits. Marketing develops these bundles with approved and updated collateral, which not only helps ensure brand consistency, but also delivers all the resources sales needs for a customer conversation in one package. Reps no longer have to spend hours digging through marketing materials looking for the right documents to support the conversation they want to have with a customer. Given that Jack Henry & Associates serves a highly regulated industry, another key attribute is the security capabilities of Mobile Sales Pro, which enable the company to maintain compliance and tight content control through set permissions that dictate which reps can download or share the materials.

Comments on the News:

    --  "We've worked with SAVO since 2011 to help our salespeople be more
        productive and consistently achieve quota. Their applications add an
        extra layer of functionality to our existing marketing and sales assets,
        so when we recognized the demand for additional mobile functionality,
        expanding our engagement to include Mobile Sales Pro was an easy
        decision," said Debbie Wood, general manager, marketing & industry
        research at Jack Henry & Associates. "With the new solution set, we're
        able to push proven and approved content to our sales reps in the field
        when they need it. They can also quickly brush up on product details and
        ask questions of one another in real-time to provide immediate responses
        to prospects' requests for additional information - which ultimately
        leads to more closed deals and happier customers."
    --  "Salespeople rely on their mobile devices as a lifeline to the critical
        information and experts they need to become a trusted advisor. Our goal
        is to give them what they need, when they need it, so they can be most
        successful," said Kurt Andersen, CMO at SAVO. "Mobile Sales Pro's guided
        selling and presentation kits - along with reporting capabilities -
        deliver real-time feedback to marketing on what assets are working, and
        which ones need to be refined. This more tightly aligns the marketing
        and sales teams, and gives reps a distinct advantage over the
        competition by arming them with the most meaningful content to drive
        successful meetings."

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