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1to1 Media 30-Minute Webcast: Learn How SanDisk Upgraded Its Customer Service While Cutting Costs

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STAMFORD, Conn., Aug. 18, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- Join SanDisk's Senior Director for Global Customer Support Urvashi Sheth, and 1to1 Media's Editor-in-Chief Mila D'Antonio at noon on August 27(th) in a complimentary 30-minute webcast where they will discuss the secrets behind how the company lowered service costs while elevating the customer experience. SanDisk, a high-tech manufacturer and a 2014 Gartner & 1to1 Media CRM Excellence winner, decreased its customer service budget by 7 percent while increasing customer satisfaction 97 percent.

1to1 Media has partnered with SanDisk to create a complimentary 30-minute webcast taking place at noon EDT on Wednesday, August 27th. This interview and Q&A session with SanDisk will highlight the insights and lessons learned from turning cost-cutting initiatives into opportunities to improve customer service. Attendees will learn the secrets to SanDisk's success, including these key take-aways:

    --  How advancing your customer service starts with unifying fragmented
        customer service processes
    --  How knowledgebases and integrated forums can be used as cost-cutting
        measures and service accelerators
    --  Tips on how to rely on your social networks and website to resolve
        customer issues.

To register and attend the complimentary Take30 webinar and to ask Urvashi Sheth a question, visit: http://go.1to1media.com/SanDisk-Cost-Cutting-pr

For more information about SanDisk, visit: www.sandisk.com

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