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Bud Genius Doubles Scope of Business

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LOS ANGELES -- (BUSINESS WIRE) -- Bud Genius (Symbol: RIGH) through its new development subsidiary, Genius Biotech Corporation, has now become more than a lab, launching new product distribution services for medical marijuana accessories in the growing number of states where legal.

Sales reps are already entering dispensaries to receive samples for testing on a weekly basis, thus adding a product catalog is highly efficient. This pre-existing sales network eliminates the need for additional visits by personnel from product companies. By combining these all into one visit, the Bud Genius sales force can offer more comprehensive products and services, train personnel on product features, and refill inventories as needed.

Bud Genius will expand its services line to begin providing its wholesale distribution catalog of professional grade products for patients using medical marijuana as well as a catalog of products and similar accessories to growers and dispensaries. The company will work with known and emerging product manufacturers to leverage its network of industry relationships by matching cannabis dispensaries to high-volume selling products.

Company CEO, Angel Stanz had this to say, “This new subsidiary will more than double the revenue potential of our company. There is a massive buying demand for quality products in the cannabis marketplace, which could really grow with further legalization. Bud Genius has cultivated our buying relationships for over four years, and yet we find that new companies with great products are having difficulties getting placement at the retail level. In addition to our testing services, we are now maximizing the effectiveness of our sales team by giving them a larger toolkit to generate profits. The Bud Genius brand is an established beacon of quality for cannabis products, and is now extending this stamp of approval to quality accessories. Through our new subsidiary, we will be fully audited, Sarbanes-Oxley compliant, and fully reporting. We are offering the same level of quality to our own customers, and to their customers.” Bud Genius does not grow or manufacture marijuana, but it is well positioned to optimize the availability of accessory products and laboratory services in the marketplace. More information will soon be available online.

Companies with suitable inventories that are interested in distributing their products to a greater audience are invited to contact

As of yesterday, quarterly reports are being prepared by the Wells Compliance Group, an accounting and SEC reporting services firm in Santa Monica, California. These will be posted as soon as the firm has completed them.

About Bud Genius

An early leader in an industry that many are speculating will grow, Bud Genius is one of the first established analytical cannabis laboratories in the United States. Bud Genius was launched to bring vendors together with doctors, patients, and dispensaries that require certified products held to demanding standards. Bud Genius has a vision to expand across the US and abroad serving as the beacon of quality for medical cannabis and adult-use marijuana through the formation of regional laboratories. Certification, data collection, and online reports are the measure by which the company gains.

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