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Managed Health Care Associates, Inc. (MHA) Introduces New Web-Based Specialty Pharmacy Data Analytics Application

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FLORHAM PARK, N.J., Aug. 20, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- Managed Health Care Associates, Inc. (MHA), a leading health care services and technology company focused on the alternate site health care provider marketplace today announces the development of a new specialty pharmacy data analytics tool, MHA Specialty 360°. The MHA Specialty 360° tool is a new intuitive web-based application used to identify a member's specialty pharmacy services, clinical capabilities and expertise in key therapeutic areas. The MHA Specialty 360° tool was developed to afford specialty pharmacies the ability to share a comprehensive overview of their core competencies, services and capabilities to align their expertise with specialty contracting opportunities with manufacturers, payors and business partners.

This innovative platform captures and represents all of the data in a de-identified, aggregated manner. This allows MHA to provide a more in-depth overview of trends in the marketplace with aggregated benchmarking reports on elements such as the number of limited distribution medications dispensed, number of specialty providers who provide specialty clinical services, adoption of patient out-reach technology, or specialty pharmacies who have engaged with Accountable Care Organizations all in a secure environment.

Erik Halstrom, Vice President of MHA Specialty Pharmacy Solutions, stated, "As part of MHA's full spectrum of services, data analytics and aggregation tools are key to providing members with valuable specialty services and solutions. The insights from the MHA Specialty 360°database will enable our organization to understand the capabilities and competencies of our membership to further address unmet needs from a clinical, adherence/persistence, payor, provider and pharmaceutical contracting perspective as well as to prioritize opportunities and investments."

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