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CREDITKOR Dares Hackers with “trytohackme” Ad Campaign

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EAST TROY, Wis. -- (BUSINESS WIRE) -- Patrick Evans is the president and founder of CREDITKOR and he displays his email address ( and his password (trytohackme) in a new ad campaign.

The ad is based on the concept of the ‘two-factor’. Every person should contact their email provider and request a two-factor, which is a six-digit validation code sent by email address providers to an owner’s phone. Providers such as (480-505-8877) or google ( first share this code that must then be typed into the owner’s phone to access his private account. The owner only needs to enter this code when he would normally type or speak a password. The two-factor is provided at no cost to consumers and is the first step in helping to prevent identity theft.

Evans states, “LifeLock, one of CREDITKOR’s competitors, had an ad depicting the CEO displaying his social security number. How does that ad help protect the consumer? CREDITKOR proactively helps its ID theft customers by giving them real-life ways to prevent identity fraud like the two-factor idea.”

CREDITKOR is a provider of proactive identity theft protection services for consumers and identity risk assessment, plus fraud protection services, for businesses. Customers who utilize a two-factor receive discounts on their CREDITKOR ID protection services.

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