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LOS ANGELES, Aug. 21, 2014 /PRNewswire/ --, launched in 2011, is a comprehensive fashion site skillfully and deliberately branded as being 'fur friendly and fashion focused'. Capturing the attention of obvious fur fashion-loving readers, the site has also captivated the global attention of mainstream fashion connoisseurs. This has allowed for the introduction, development and management of an honest and positive conversation about fur fashion. In the past, mainstream media had typically accepted the rhetoric fed to them by animal rights groups, rarely fact-checking or seeking an opposing point-of-view, and thus the need for the voice was born.

Who is the reader? They are those who are sophisticated enough to realize what true fashion is; steeped in creativity, wildly unbridled, and drawing from all different mediums in order to evolve and remain relevant.

To say that men and women alike are smitten with the daily content dreamed up by writers is putting it mildly. delivers a bit of daily fashion wisdom, insight and cultural and historical perspective, like no other site does, for those who appreciate luxury fashion. Currently, the blogazine boasts an impressive reach of over 2 million impressions monthly across all its social media platforms including the namesake blog site, (, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Pinterest, Tumblr and Google+. Referenced by bellwether fashion portals like Harper's Bazaar, and WWD and mainstream hard news media including Huffington Post Online, has steadily increased its importance in the fashion world and reignited the awareness and prevalence of fur's use in top designer collections around the world.

One of the most notable accomplishments of the site is that it has brought fur, and its technological advancements, front and center for curious fashion readers. Along with this renewed spotlight on the popularity of fur, has also managed to elevate the conversation around fur use and animal rights extremist's opposition to it. By catering to the 70% of consumers that fall in the middle, when it comes to their feelings as to whether or not to wear fur, the site has advanced the dialogue, without the rhetoric, and shifted the conversation to one of pure choice. By illustrating the fact that consumers freely choose to express their fashion sense and spend their dollars by incorporating fur into their wardrobes, it reestablishes a common-sense approach to what has historically been a hotly debated topic. From countless trend-setting and influential celebrities and top online bloggers, to the over 500+ designers utilizing fur to punctuate their collections, the message is made clear that fur has surpassed trend status and is now a lifestyle staple for many consumers...for day and night.

Aesthetically speaking,'s sleek, efficient and clean site design capitalizes on the highly visual aspect of fur and its rich textures and treatments--a very crucial element when dealing with items in the luxury realm. At readers can learn about upcoming seasonal trends, see vivid images of fur fashion being styled and incorporated in more casual everyday scenarios, and learn about the influential movers and shakers reinventing the fashion industry. And, after just three short years, the dialogue around fur fashion has dramatically changed and media powerhouses are turning to the trusted site to vet their facts before hitting the send button. This, all thanks to!