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Rx Safes, Inc. Announces New War On Drugs

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HENDERSON, Nev., Aug. 28, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- Rx Safes, Inc., the manufacturer of fingerprint recognition home prescription lockboxes, today announced that it is waging a new war on drugs to reduce prescription drug abuse, backed by a national media campaign.

More than 2,500 children a day experiment with prescription drugs for the first time and these drugs are easily accessed from unsecured medicine cabinets, closets and drawers. While law enforcement goes after drug dealers on the streets, Rx Safes will address the new age drug dealer in your home, offering the Rx DrugSAFE fingerprint medication lockbox, as a state of the art weapon to secure potentially deadly medication, battle this out of control epidemic and help keep your children safe.

"Rx Safes is determined to help fight this battle at the source. This is a very serious problem and we are launching this campaign to create awareness about the issue and provide a real solution," stated Lorraine Yarde, CEO of Rx Safes, Inc.

About Rx SAFES, Inc.

In a world where we have countless keys, passcodes and pin numbers to remember, Rx Safes, Inc.'s technology puts security at the tip of your finger. Rx Safes, Inc. develops, manufactures and markets professional grade drug security solutions for families and the healthcare community, which incorporate proprietary, patented fingerprint technology, designed for heightened security and convenience. Marketed under the Rx DrugSAFE brand, our products prevent unauthorized access to prescription and over the counter drugs while maintaining convenient access for the prescribed users. Founded in 2010, the Company is concentrating on prescription (Rx) and over the counter (OTC) drug security, providing real solutions to address the Rx and OTC abuse epidemic plaguing our society. For more information about the Rx DrugSAFE, please visit

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