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Penn Schoen Berland (PSB) Study Finds Spritz Technology Increases Reading Speed Without Sacrificing Comprehension

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BOSTON, Aug. 28, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- Spritz, the company behind the advanced text streaming technology built to reinvent the way people read, today announced the results of a new study conducted by market research firm Penn Schoen Berland (PSB), which revealed that Spritz's reading technology produced at least a 20% faster reading experience without sacrificing comprehension amongst first-time Spritz users. PSB's research tested "spritzing," a completely new experience for the respondents, against traditional reading in overall reading speeds and comprehension. The data revealed that even though Spritz readers are reading at a faster rate, they retained a similar amount of information as traditional readers.

Sponsored by Spritz, the study timed respondents in two different reading exercises - a short 110 word email and a longer 210 word article - at two different speeds and tested them with seven comprehension questions afterwards. Among first time users, the Spritz technology produced at least a 20% faster reading experience with comparable comprehension scores:


           READING METHOD                    SPEED                   COMPREHENSION
           --------------                    -----                   -------------

     Reading                       35.3 seconds      5.7 of 7 correct responses
    -----------                    ------------      --------------------------

    Spritzing (100 WPM
     minimum)                      28.7 seconds      5.4 of 7 correct responses
    ------------------             ------------      --------------------------

    Spritzing (250 WPM
     minimum)                      23.8 seconds      5.3 of 7 correct responses
    ------------------             ------------      --------------------------


           READING METHOD                    SPEED                     COMPREHENSION
           --------------                    -----                     -------------

     Reading                       63.8 seconds        5.3 of 7 correct responses
    -----------                    ------------        --------------------------

    Spritzing (100
     WPM minimum)                  54.8 seconds        5.0 of 7 correct responses
    --------------                 ------------        --------------------------

    Spritzing (250
     WPM minimum)                  45.4 seconds        4.8 of 7 correct responses
    --------------                 ------------        --------------------------

To view the full results of the report, visit

Additionally, the research revealed that the respondents enjoyed using Spritz, with 78% of users answering that they find the technology easy to use and 69% would like to use it again.

"This new research validates our previous independent findings that, when spritzing, reading comprehension is comparable to traditional reading," said Frank Waldman, Founder and CEO of Spritz. "With the growth of mobile usage and the rise of wearable technologies, we're excited that the respondents are enthusiastic about our technology and will continue to improve upon it to deliver the best mobile reading experience possible. Our goal at Spritz has always been to offer the most convenient way for people to read on-the-go now with the added benefit of comprehension."

In an effort to allow all interested consumers to test themselves spritzing vs. traditional reading, Spritz has developed a similar testing simulation that can be found at

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About the Study
In the month of June, Penn Schoen Berland (PSB) conducted this research with 1000 respondents, in two phases, each among 500 general consumers who speak English as their first and primary language. Respondents were timed as they read two different reading exercises. Those who were assigned to the "Control" cell read the passages traditionally, whereas those who were in the "Test" cell read the passages using the Spritz technology. Respondents answered 7 comprehension questions about what they read after each passage.

About Spritz
Founded in 2012 by Frank Waldman, a serial entrepreneur and MIT alum, Maik Maurer, businessman and scientist focused on innovation, and his colleague Matthias Klein, Spritz's mission is to change the way people read on mobile devices by making communication faster, easier and more effective. The company holds multiple pending patents in its portfolio including its innovative text-streaming technology that presents individual words at the reader's comfortable speed for an all-around efficient and comprehensive reading experience. This technology has been researched, developed and tested in Boston, Munich, and Salt Lake City. Privately funded, the investment was led by Founder and Chairman of Digicel, Denis O'Brien. For more information about Spritz, please visit or follow @spritzinc.

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