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Teletrac Customer Honored In Field Technologies Magazine Cover Story

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GARDEN GROVE, Calif., Aug. 29, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- Teletrac Inc., a 25-year veteran GPS fleet tracking and telematics software provider, is honored to celebrate its customer's cover story in the August issue of Field Technologies magazine.

The article, titled "Take Fleet Management Beyond Track and Trace" highlights the experience of A.N. Webber, a logistics company based in Illinois, in eliminating its Department Of Transportation (DOT) violations and lowering its overall fleet's idle time by 15-20%.

As early adopters of GPS fleet tracking, A.N. Webber understood the importance of having a competitive edge in the logistics, transportation and warehousing industry. Rob Koch, Vice President of Operations, A.N. Webber, tells the magazine that GPS fleet tracking has grown in sophistication from track and trace functionality to meeting real business needs.

As fuel costs rose and the DOT's Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration revised its Hours of Service (HOS) regulations, the company looked to a provider that could change with the climate of the industry.

"Teletrac...gave us everything we were looking for, along with more features we have since grown into," Koch said. "We wanted to start simple, to just locate drivers and track performance of the equipment. Since then we've built on those basic features and developed into electronic logging, onboard communication, and other functions."

Teletrac's HOS solution helps A.N. Webber monitor their driver's time spent on the road and keeps the company's driver logs error-free. "We had issues with the paper logs, and 90 percent of our violations were because the logbooks were not current. The solution has eliminated all of our violations because the HOS logs are instantly and automatically updated," Koch noted.

Webber also relies on Teletrac to provide accurate updates to its customers about job-site data. "We can give customers better tracking information and updated load information instantly," Koch said.

Most significantly, the company recently implemented a driver incentive program that has improved their fuel economy by eliminating idle time by 15-20%. Teletrac tracks the total fuel use and idle time of each company vehicle and uses the data to reward drivers on meeting the company's green goals.

Mike Jarvinen, Vice President of Marketing for Teletrac Inc. said, "A.N. Webber is a great example of a company that succeeds in driving best practices in their fleet. It is encouraging to with someone so on top of their game, and provides a real case study for others thinking through rolling out technology systems and using data to improve business efficiency."

According to Sarah Nicastro, Editor-In-Chief at Field Technologies, "Field Technologies was thrilled to work with A.N. Webber in explaining how the company is leveraging Teletrac's solution for more than simple location tracking. We're pleased to showcase the benefits A.N. Webber has experienced as a result of investing in Teletrac's fleet management technology."

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