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Anatole Showcases Its Mobile Telecommunications Management Solution in US

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COURBEVOIE, France -- (BUSINESS WIRE) -- Anatole, a European leader in Telecom Expense Management, will be showcasing the new version of its SaaS platform for Enterprise Mobility Management, at the Super Mobility Week in Las Vegas and AirWatch Connect event in Atlanta, from September 8th to 11th.

Anatole is participating in the annual summit of TEMIA (Telecommunications Management Industry Association) at Super Mobility Week in Las Vegas. Anatole is an active member of TEMIA, has previously been represented in the board of directors of the association, as well as chaired the international affairs committee, and will be sharing its expertise at a panel discussion on "Privacy and compliance for domestic and international telecom data" on September 10th.

Anatole will also be attending the AirWatch Connect, a leading event for Enterprise Mobility, as a technology partner of AirWatch, to be held in Atlanta from September 8th to 11th, and will present the new key features of the Anatole solution, such as real time data usage management, self-care end-user portal, rollout of telecom policies and use of business intelligence to perform in depth analysis of a company's overall telecom use and expenditure.

Interfaced with the main MDM (Mobile Device Management) solutions on the market, Anatole’s offering is firmly positioned to manage an enterprise’s telecommunications and mobility, providing tools to manage cost, telecom policy and security aspects.

About Anatole

Anatole’s Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) platform in SaaS mode, offers companies a complete range of tools and services that enables them to manage their telecom cost, security and policy aspects, allowing them to implement true mobility management.

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