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NuTec: A Comprehensive Molecular Profiler To Test For Cancer, Contaminants, And Your Overall Health, Launches Disruptive Campaign On Kickstarter And Gets Staff Pick Within Minutes

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MIAMI, Sept. 4, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- Obdulio Piloto, Ph.D., co-founder of Entopsis (, and the entire Entopsis team are excited to share their Kickstarter launch with you

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"The versatility of NuTec is unprecedented, this platform has the potential to transform how we detect the world... it is an innovation that will be the catalyst of future innovations," said Ta Chen Chang, M.D.

Entopsis is finalizing a breakthrough in diagnostic testing; effectively allowing people to test themselves, their foods, and their environment with a fast, low cost, and user friendly approach. To put it simply, the NuTec platform allows you to analyze saliva, urine, blood and just about any liquid for diseases, bacteria, or contaminants. Soon, you can diagnose illness before it progresses with just a NuTec and your smartphone.

The Entopsis team is currently supported by one of the nation's top funders of disruptive technologies, Peter Thiel's Breakout Labs. Entopsis is launching a Kickstarter campaign to seek additional funding and bring NuTec to consumers. NuTec has been in development for 2 years and it's in the final stage of development. The team needs everyone's support to finalize the platform, increase production and develop NuTec applications that are of interest to early supporters.

"It empowers us all to explore things that were never possible... you don't have to be a scientist you just have to follow your curiosity," said Daniel McVay, one of the core team members at Entopsis.

NuTec started as an idea in the minds of two Johns Hopkins University Medical School trained scientists.

"The idea is to create a single platform that allows anyone the ability to perform non-medical and medical tests from home, 'minute clinics', doctor's offices, battle fields, and your local CVS / Walgreens. This shift in paradigm empowers the individual and democratizes limited resources," said co-founder Obdulio Piloto, Ph.D.

"Entopsis was founded to pursue the simple idea that an unbiased approach using signatures can be clinically and scientifically useful," said co-founder Ian Cheong, Ph.D.

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