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Creditcall Launches Guide to Address Chip Card Confusion

Posted: May 12, 2016 1:57 pm (UTC)

In advance of @Shoptalk and in the wake of the Visa / WalMart news, Creditcall shares guide, “Why EMV Payment Migrations Aren’t Easy,” to ease pain points & maximize ROI around investments in fintech.

Enables developers to improve retailers’ ROI from payment technology investment

  • Recent Visa / WalMart news underscores need for stronger payments tech education
  • Six months on, only 22% of retailers are able to process EMV cards*
  • Retailers that don’t migrate face chargeback bill – Chargebacks among small and medium-size merchants rose 15% in the fourth quarter from a year earlier**
  • Pre-certifications prove crucial to migration success

Creditcall Launches Guide to Address Chip Card Confusion


In advance of next week’s Shoptalk 2016 conference in Las Vegas and in the wake of the recent Visa / WalMart news, payments expert Creditcall today announced the launch of its ultimate EMV migration guide, Why EMV Payment Migrations Aren’t Easy”. Coinciding with the announcement of the company’s growing suite of certifications to ensure efficiency, security and compliance, the document outlines why EMV certifications are important, yet equally challenging in payments – especially when retailers (and developers and integrators behind the scenes) are ill-prepared for the mind-bogglingly technical nuances around such upgrades.

This Smart News Release features multimedia. View the full release here:

Launching six months after the US deadline for EMV chip card upgrades, also known as the Liability Shift, the guide intends to make payment technology migrations faster and painless for retailers. And specifically, for the software developers managing the merchant’s technology upgrade – delivering quicker ROI for those already in the process of migrating, and providing much needed insight for the 53% of merchants who intend to install EMV in the coming 12 months***.

Recent headlines shine light on ‘Chip and Choice’ and EMV certification challenges

The challenges hampering smooth EMV chip card migration and widespread adoption have made headlines. The recent Visa / Walmart news spotlights the challenges around giving consumers ‘Chip and Choice.’ And nationwide grocery chain, Morton Williams, recently voiced frustrations regarding how its near million dollar investment into EMV hardware was going unused as it struggled against the three major challenges: certifications, compliance and counsel.

Despite the potential obstacles associated with migration, the potential cost of fraud and chargeback bills means retailers are under increasing pressure to make it work at all costs. Creditcall’s heritage of working with payment technologies via the largest and most popular payment processors means it is in a singular position to advise businesses and developers as they begin and progress through migration – all backed up by a comprehensive suite of EMV and security certifications.

“Imagine buying an expensive car without a battery, engine, warranty package or insurance. You have the vehicle, but it’s not likely to go anywhere or help you get places. The same can be said about chip card hardware that lacks the necessary certifications or additional functionality and support needed to be valuable,” said Jeremy Gumbley, CTO/CSO, Creditcall. “This speaks to the enormity of our excitement, and pride, to be able to extend more certifications (via Creditcall’s ChipDNA) than anyone else on the market. This makes it easy for retail point of sale developers to keep payments simple and secure, so they and their customers can focus on what they do best rather than figuring out payments.”

What retailers and developers need to know in advance of any payments tech upgrade

Creditcall’s guide, “Why EMV Payment Migrations Aren’t Easy” offers a comprehensive resource, outlining the unbelievably complex landscape many merchants face when it comes to EMV payment technology upgrades, discusses the challenges facing many of today’s retail developers, and provides clear guidance on ways in which to select and ensure upgrades that will deliver short and long-term ROI.

“It’s a missed revenue opportunity, not just a bone of contention, when a company makes a significant investment into technology they either cannot immediately put to use, or that falls short on security or current and future functionality – as in the ability to accept a chip card now and then say, Apple Pay or Android Pay down the road,” said Lars Pedersen, CEO, Creditcall. “For 20 years, Creditcall has played an integral role in helping merchants navigate the world of payments. It’s an incredibly complex and nuanced industry, and by specializing in the minutia of payments, we enable our clients to help their retail customers grow faster.”

Showcasing how to get over payment technology hurdles, Creditcall will be at Shoptalk (pod #T40 B) taking place in Las Vegas, May 15-18, 2016. To learn more about Creditcall, visit: or engage with us on Twitter @Creditcall

* According to a survey released last month by Boston Retail Partners
** According to a recent survey by The Strawhecker Group
***Figures from Boston Retail Partners

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