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Health 2.0 Announces 10th Annual Fall Conference Launch! and Traction Finalists: The Must-See Digital Health Startups of 2016

Posted: September 14, 2016 3:15 pm (UTC)

SAN FRANCISCO, Sept.14, 2016 /PRNewswire/ — Ten digital health companies will demo their products for the first time during Health 2.0's annual Launch! competition is on the last day of the 10th Annual Fall Conference, Wednesday, Sept 28th. Previous Launch! winners have included Castlight Health, Basis, and OM*Signal and MedWand. This year's finalists include:

     --  CareConnetor's platform gives patients personalized health information         while allowing providers to have a rounding tool and giving healthcare         systems a dashboard to track metrics.     --  gripAble developed an innovative mobile technology that bridges the gap         between functional therapy and objective measurement of upper-limb         function.     --  Cricket Health works with payor and provider customers to slow the         progression of chronic kidney disease (CKD), manage the transition from         CKD to End Stage Renal Disease, and improve ESRD care.     --  Qidza is a population health mobile platform that enables parents to         work with their physicians to track their children's developmental         milestones.     --  Docent Health guides health systems to embrace a consumer-centric         approach to healthcare by curating patient experiences.     --  Albeado builds healthcare prediction and optimization solutions based on         a proprietary data science platform which combines clinical AI and         Graph-Based Machine Learning.     --  Siren Care developed temperature-sensing smart socks which provide         health data on foot ulcers, hot spots, and more to prevent future         injuries.     --  MDwithME offers inclusive integrated soft and hardware components         enabling full remote physical exam with an option of instant and delayed         physician's consult with quality of testing equal or exceeding the         current state of the art equipment.     --  DayTwo provides solutions that maintain health and prevent disease         utilizing our microbiome platform, starting with personalized nutrition         based on gut bacteria, aiming to normalize blood sugar levels and         cultivate a healthy gut microbiome.     --  Regeneration Health is a health ecosystem powered by artificial         intelligence that collects and monitors health in real time and curates         free personalized health info and recommendations based on integrative         medicine. 

Kicking off Health 2.0's 10th Annual Fall Conference on Monday, September 26th, Traction will feature companies ready to raise a Series A round of $2-$15M, in two tracks; Consumer Facing and Professional Facing technologies. Our group of expert mentors will be working with the ten finalists to improve their pitches in the time between today and the event. Judges will then decide on-site which company has the greatest potential to grow and secure funding in the next year. Get your “Conference Admission + Traction” ticket today to see ten of the most promising startups compete for funding in front of leading venture capitalists including New Atlantic Ventures, Lemhi Ventures, and many more.

This Year's Finalists Include:

Professional Facing:

     --  Biome's suite of applications are algorithmically based tools that focus         on the clinical and financial drivers with the greatest impact on         outcomes to help clinicians make the best decisions.     --  HeartGenetics has created the HEARTDECODEĀ® reporting system, allowing         genetic tests providers to perform comprehensive, simpler reports,         supporting accurate diagnosis, prognosis, risk stratification and drug         prescription.     --  Kermit's cloud based analytics platform digitizes vendor bill sheets,         identifies trends and root issues, and unlocks savings opportunities to         control PPI (physician preference items) Spend for hospitals.     --  Moving Analytics helps cardiac centers improve the utilization of their         Cardiac Rehab, remote heart failure and COPD programs by augmenting it         with a home-based program delivered through patient's' mobile devices.     --  Stroll Inc. provides a tablet-based tool for PCPs to share the         information about upcoming treatment options, such as location,         negotiated rates and actual cost based on individual deductible status         and home location in real time. 

Consumer Facing:

     --  Advanced Telesensors has created a non-contact cardiac and respiration         sensor with motion and noise tolerance that can monitor vital signs from         over 3 Meters away.     --  Copilots In Care's web application guides patients and their families         through their end-of-life care process, helping them reflect on their         medical goals through questions and educational materials, sharing the         patients' responses with their provider, and followed with in-person         support facilitating discussion.     --  Inteliclinic's "Neuroon," a revolutionary wearable mask, uses Bright         Light Therapy to help people sleep better and fight circadian rhythm         disorders such as jet lag and insomnia.     --  UnaliWear's Kanega watch uses a speech based interface to provide         discreet support for falls, medication reminders, and "guide-me-home"         assistance, eliminating the need for ugly and hard to use screens.     --  VaGenie has created a device and coaching system for Kegel fitness and         tracking that uses biofeedback to help strengthen the pelvic floor,         strengthen the core, restore feminine control, and build confidence. 

More for information about Launch!, Traction, and the 10th Annual Fall Conference, go to

About The Health 2.0 Fall Conference
Over 2,000 professionals, innovators, venture capitalists, and thought-leaders attend the Health 2.0's Annual Fall Conference in Santa Clara, CA, the leading conference for new health technologies. With over 200 live product demos, over 100 thought leaders and 10 new company launches, Health 2.0 annually convenes the leading conference linking health care with new digital technologies.

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