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Influxis Offers Low Latency HLS

Posted: September 29, 2015 4:57 am (UTC)

Influxis introduces ultra low latency HTTP Live Streaming, 10x faster than current industry standard.

Influxis, one of the first media server hosting companies, now offers ultra low latency HLS (HTTP Live Streaming)

Influxis Offers Low Latency HLS


Influxis, an industry leader in video streaming solutions since 2002, officially launches a new service providing ultra low latency HLS (HTTP Live Streaming). This premium solution achieves a minimum latency of 1.5 seconds for desktop and 3 seconds for mobile, depending on Internet conditions and media devices.

Leveraging Influxis’ expertise in providing streaming networks with very diverse requirements, this new mobile streaming solution solves the innate problem of using HLS, the standard streaming protocol for iPads, iPhones and other popular media devices, which typically carries a latency of 30 seconds or more for a live stream. This high latency all but eliminates the possibility of real-time interactivity in conjunction with live streaming. But now with Influxis’ low latency HLS, a live streaming event can be transformed into an engaging, real-time interactive experience.

Influxis is also offering a beta service for ultra low latency MPEG-DASH, and plans to continue refining their algorithms with a goal of sub-second latency across all devices.

“With second screen participation quickly becoming the norm, it is clear that low latency is critical for a high-quality real time experience,” says Richard Blakely, Influxis co-founder and CEO, “I am thrilled we can provide our customers with something this important, and very excited to see the creative use cases that will arise as a result of this new service.”

About Influxis

Influxis provides expert-supported global media server networks. In addition to all traditional streaming, Influxis specializes in providing managed networks and services for interactive streaming initiatives requiring unique and complex functionality. Founded in 2002, it has helped thousands of top brands, agencies, and entertainment companies achieve streaming success. To learn more, visit

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