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Kaazing Joins Docker Ecosystem Technology Partner Program

Posted: June 27, 2016 11:55 am (UTC)

On heels of DockerCon Kaazing Launches Per Connection Pricing

Kaazing Joins Docker Ecosystem Technology Partner Program


Kaazing Corporation, inventors of WebSocket and leader in secure, real-time, application-to-application web connectivity with Kaazing WebSocket Gateway (KWG), announced their membership in Docker’s Ecosystem Technology Partner (ETP) Program.

Developers of mobile and web applications use KWG to securely connect services over the Web and at massive scale. One large company, for example, handles 13x the daily volume of Twitter feeds through KWG in the course of several hours with plenty of capacity to handle more. Enterprises can now leverage KWG in a Docker environment to:

  • Simplify development and speed time to deployment of applications with out-of-the-box support for most common device types and languages (Javascript, iOS, Android, Java, .Net, etc.), all browsers, and all back end protocols (JMS, AMQP, MQSeries, Redis, custom, HTTPS, etc.)
  • Maximize battery life of mobile device, and minimize bandwidth & data costs of wireless provider by reducing metadata by 99%
  • Enhance mobile user experience even in degraded/disadvantaged networks
  • Reduce TCO by gaining more efficient scalable use of back end servers regardless of location (on- premise data center or in the cloud)
  • Support the most demanding event-driven enterprise applications with superior security using Enterprise Shield™ functionality to close all inbound ports

Kaazing, using the Ambassador communication pattern, can now be deployed in a Docker environment enabling secure scalable connectivity over the Web between Docker Swarms. Kaazing is implemented using the standard Docker API without modifications, facilitating a straight-forward deployment.

“We are thrilled to be part of Docker’s ecosystem of trusted partners,” said Bob Miller, CEO of Kaazing. “The microservices movement has taken off and is fast moving. Just in the last several months, we’ve seen tens of thousands of pulls of our gateway from the Docker Hub repo, now averaging over 600 pulls weekly. By partnering with Docker, Kaazing is firmly committed to bringing real-time secure connectivity to containers, and more specifically, Docker customers globally.”

As an ETP in the Networking Partner category, Kaazing has met rigorous Docker qualifications, demonstrating seamless integration with the Docker platform.

Additionally Kaazing announced today new Per Connection Pricing for their Gateway. At just $1 per connection per year on a single production gateway, the new pricing is ideal for smaller deployments. Included, is one of three commonly used, back end, technology integrations: ActiveMQ, RabbitMQ or Redis. This economical pricing, coupled with 7×24 enterprise support, further expands Kaazing’s market reach to all buyers, and complements existing offerings on AWS Marketplace and Azure Marketplace.

About Kaazing

Kaazing is the global leader in secure real-time, two-way, application-to-application connectivity over the Web. Kaazing customers include one of the world’s largest energy-producing and trading companies, three of the world’s top ten banks, one of America’s top three professional sports franchises, one of Europe’s most sophisticated rail transportation networks and one of the top three transportation companies in the US. Additionally, with its patented KWIC software, Kaazing secures hybrid cloud communication in just minutes over the Web with no need for a VPN, no need to open firewall ports and all code free.

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